Our coaching services will serve to optimize your health as part of our mission to maximize your physical health, psychological health and spiritual health. These services may be purchased as a part of psychotherapy or as a separate service.

Freedom, Transition, Direction, Career, Empowerment

Life Coaching

Designed to cut through the clutter of life and unlock your potential. Life Coaching can help you...

  • Achieve your career goals
  • Transition into a new career
  • Reach goals in your personal life
  • Establish a healthy lifestyle
  • Organize and plan your life
  • Find direction in your life
  • Unlock your potential

Life Coaching is available both on-line and in-person at both the Hoboken and Englewood offices.


Like accupuncture without the needles, Reiki is a gentle healing method that relieves pain and mental trauma.

Reiki is available both on-line and in-person at the Englewood and Hoboken offices.

*Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment.