Leah Dunlap-Ennis

MDiv / Reiki Master

Location(s): Hoboken / Englewood
Telephone: 518-366-6771
Email: ennis466@gmail.com


Leah is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America. She is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and holds a Masters of Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary. She is a certified Animal Reiki Practioner and a Certified Reiki Master in Usui Ryoho Reiki.

Leah has been interested in and studying holistic healing methods since 2015, through practices in energy healing, meditation, and other disciplines. Her experience has been that in order to heal the body and ‘dis-ease’ or to maintain optimal health systems we must first heal and balance our emotions, minds, and spirits and learn to manage stress. She believes Reiki is the tool we can all use to accomplish these goals. Leah hopes to integrate reiki into the hospital and senior living facilities. She hopes that these efforts will spread the awareness of this healing method and its many gentle benefits.

She is married to Chuckii Dunlap-Ennis, who is a website designer and full time musician.