Introducing a Coaching Service

Hudson River Care & Counseling, LLC is pleased to announce that, in addition to our counseling and psychotherapy services, we will be offering a variety of coaching services in this upcoming year. Eventually we will have spiritual and life coaching services, but for right now we are beginning with health coaching services. 

We are introducing Health Coaching Services as part of our three-pronged wholeness approach to health: healing for the mind, healthy body, and alive spirit.  Our thinking was that Health Coaching would round out the psychotherapy work that we do, which focuses primarily on the healing of the mind and sometimes the spirit.  The introduction of healing for the body, enables us to explore nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Indeed, we have  increasingly found in our work with clients that they cannot fully heal their minds and spirits, without healing their bodies also. 

Through our work with a scientifically proven health program that includes meal plans, products, and lifestyle management, we are prepared to help our client move towards healthy bodies through health coaching.  The Health Coaching component of our services will be offered as a component of our psychotherapy services for existing and new clients, or can stand alone for any new client who wants to explore weight loss and heath maintenance.  This service will offer the following services through certified health coaches, who are also licensed mental health professionals:

Healthy Cooking and Diet
  • Health assessment 
  • Development weight loss plan for optimal health
  • Weekly telephone or in-person coaching services
  • 24/7 email access to your coach

For more information, please email us at or leave us a voice mail at 201-962-6443. Finally you may leave us a message through our website.

Blessings on your journey,

Pamela and Emily