Therapist’s Corner

We get to be these people...

Often, I am caught off guard by this thought: that I have the power to step into someone else’s shoes; to feel what he/she feels. The awareness of choice and possibilities and agency of self certainly strengthens the mind. I can offer an invitation to consider direction, to allow something more substantial to take shape, within the hum of our daily life.

I serve as a thoughtful guide in these quiet moments. This heightened awareness prepares us to make around certain decisions that can create a positive impact.

How do we embrace growth and change and what keeps us standing in place, or worse, creating greater obstacles in our lives? These decisions to take positive action are not often simple, and they begin by making a choice.

From a therapeutic perspective, that sense of choice in our decision making process reflects a crucial dilemma. Our choices can be exciting and rewarding, but also can be very intimidating, difficult, and confusing. What do we need to confront in ourselves? What habits may be holding us back in certain ways?

As a counselor and therapist, I endeavor to bring about a greater quality of life to myclients. I see my role as a guide to this process of discovery, exploring these very important questions. The counseling room can be an accessible, safe way to reach empowerment, and it is a vastly underutilized resource. From a wellness perspective, there are areas in all our lives that may need greater attention, patience and mindfulness. In a larger sense, defining our choices in connection with oneself and others facilitates a greater sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Some risks and changes may be necessary to make, in order to reach greater personal freedom. This could be the most valuable choice: choosing to take control of our lives; to release fear and invite opportunity. In the words of Philippe Petit,“Why do you risk death? For me, this is life.”

Emily Krause, MA, NCC, LAC